The Risk Factors of the Real Estate (III)

The second is to have appropriateness. To be suitable for people to live and use, the functional space of the property should be arranged in accordance with human behavior. The functional space and the degree of utensils must meet the requirements of human. It is beneficial to maintain the user’s good living condition by having good ventilation and lighting to maintain the communication channel between man and nature. It is necessary to maximize the introduction of humanistic or natural landscapes to meet the psychological needs of people’s sense of security, detachment, and superiority. A higher level of intelligence is required. The third is to have changeability. This means leaving room for changes in people’s behavior, indoor spaces are detachable, and the location of functional spaces is adjustable and recombined. This is a must for a rental property. Fourthly, there must be enjoyability. It must have aesthetic value and spiritual. In many styles, it is possible to form a main theme, which is valued by the majority. seamless steel pipes

  1. Property rights

The property rights of the houses and shops to be invested and purchased must be legal, valid and complete, without any legal disputes or economic disputes. To find out whether there is a bank mortgage or other mortgage, you should also know if you have rented it. The term of property rights and the function of legal houses are also important. Some houses are well located, but the remaining years of land use are not much. Some houses have a statutory function as a residence, but they have been used as a mall when they are transferred, and they cannot be purchased in accordance with commercial houses when they are purchased.

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